Like many women I know, it took more years than I’d like to admit to realise that I wasn’t living the life I wanted. And even longer for the realisation that I needed to do something about it to land.

What if I told you that many of the things I’d done in my life hadn’t come from a place of inner knowing?

Would you judge me for it?

Could you relate?

Spirit heard my truth, even though it was barely above a whisper, and very unceremoniously tossed me in the deep end without as much as a backward glance! 

I was being forced to dive into my chaos, into the whirlpool of my life, to discover where I wasn’t being true to, let alone listening to or answering, my Soul’s calling.

When I finally gifted myself the truth...

( that I wasn’t connected to my deeply spiritual gifts and abilities )

it was like a flood gate opened.

But what I knew so deeply that it brought tears to my eyes every time I pushed it down.

Within the chaos I was invited to step into and own what I’d been told my whole life “was in my head; I was making up; I couldn’t possibly know” ...

That to live the life my Soul craved for me

I had to fully integrate my innate spiritual abilities into all aspects of my life.

Hell yes!

Did stepping off the deep end like this scare the sh*t out of me?

I say ‘mind’ deliberately because if I’d asked my heart it would have said, 

With all my mind! 

Did I fight it?

“What have you been waiting for?”

That it was easier to stay where I was.

That I’d come up against deeply personal and family patterning and behaviours that simply wouldn’t budge.

That my family and friends, clients and colleagues would think I was totally nuts with no f’ing idea what I was talking about.

That I’d drown; that death was a distinct possibility.

My mind told me:


While my mind did its best to distract me with death, my Soul did a happy dance.

All I knew was that I had to stop playing small.

Stop assuming everyone outside of me was right.

Stop splashing around in the shallows and jump into the deep end of my life and business, to strip away what wasn’t mine to begin with, and really live the life I envisioned for myself.

“Finally”, she said “You’re here. Let’s go.”

Somehow, in the deep - through all the tears, all the whirlpools, all the struggling for air - I learnt to release what wasn’t me or mine, and claim what was.

A transformation had occurred, and I met myself on the other side, a little water logged but with floatation devices that held me safely and securely in my truth.

I’d finally come up for air, and truly knew myself.

And I owned it.

I walked to the deep end of my life, climbed the ladder up to the high diving board - not easy for someone with a fear of heights! - took a massive gulp of air and, with fear consuming every part of my being, jumped in, taking all of my learnings, all of my beliefs, all of my conditioning with me.

It was one day, after years (and I mean years!) of struggling in the deep, I realised something.

That all of the inner work I’d been doing had moved me from a place of needing - to be a certain way for family / society / my marriage / whatever my ‘story’ had convinced me was true - to a place of knowing exactly how I wanted to show up, for me, in my own truth and for my Soul’s journey in this lifetime.

And yes, that meant fully owning the medicine woman, channel, psychic medium, intuitive, space clearing, energy worker I was.

So I trusted big time.

Helen Joy Butler

and there are two sides to me – my Spiritual side and my Practical side.

Hi, I'm

(she / her)

Who told you you had to fit into a box so that they could feel better? 

What does that mean? 

That I’m literally wired to combine deep transformation / let’s get out of the shallows and into the deep (Scorpio) with getting things done (Virgo) to ignite and transform you and your life, Phoenix-like from the ashes.

That said, I’m not an Astrologer.

I’m an ex-left brain teacher who was totally disconnected from her right brain highly sensitive, empath, spiritual self … who gets really angry when women don’t own their spiritual gifts and abilities in their life and business because they’ve been told by other people that it’s all in their head / they’re too sensitive / they’re making it all up.

And why have you kept yourself there even though it feels as uncomfortable as hell?

I totally get that life’s worked for you so far. I totally get that you wake up every day and do all the things for your family / work / colleagues / community. I totally get that there are more important, super practical things to do than connect with your innate spiritual gifts to enhance your life and biz.

But is there?

For me it was, and can still be, my family.

For me it was because I didn’t trust myself enough to step out of other peoples’ story of me, and at times can still be.

Is your life and Soul worth putting on hold while you do everything for everyone else in a way that’s totally misaligned with your truth?

How’s that working out for you? 

Do you want to be a healer hunter?

Is it time to trust your own inner wisdom?

Someone who moves from healer to healer; learning to learning; spiritual teacher to spiritual teacher - hoping to find the secret to staying afloat?

To be your own healer, allow what doesn’t serve you to wash away, hold on to what does, and open up to the possibility of what is?


Two questions...

It's time to take all the wisdom inside of you - from all the courses you’ve done, all the books you’ve read, all the learnings you’ve received - and filter them through what your heart and Soul have been so desperately trying to share with you all along.

That you were born with spiritual gifts that will enhance your life and business like no tomorrow once you’re ready to stop hanging out in the shallows, dive in the deep, and open up to the beauty, transformation and vision those spiritual gifts afford you in this lifetime.

It’s time.

The first step to solving this problem is for us to talk.

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Practicality & spirituality

My work blends practicality and spirituality in a way that brings true connection to my sensitive / aware clients lives and businesses, through Your Inner Room.

I have a Masters of Business Administration (MBA), a Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Primary) and Diploma in Education (Secondary).

I’ve worked at all levels of education as a primary school teacher, trained secondary teacher, a tertiary sessional lecturer at RMIT Melbourne and an Instructional / Educational Designer at RMIT and the University of Queensland. 

I’m a Certified Elemental Space Clearing® Practitioner, a Soul Plan Reading Practitioner, have done shamanic studies and training with Kendall Williams from Heart Hive, Heather Price from Shamanic Path and Practice and Stephanie Lister from Ceremonial Embodyment, and am a member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.

I’m a Certified Elemental Space Clearing® Practitioner, a Soul Plan Reading Practitioner, have done shamanic studies and training with Kendall Williams from Heart Hive, Heather Price from Shamanic Path and Practice and Stephanie Lister from Ceremonial Embodyment, and am a member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.

After 14 years in education I left teaching and in 2008 opened Clutter Rescue, a professional organising business. In 2015 I rebranded under my own name and have been working in the spiritual space ever since.

I’m a channel, author, speaker, educator and energy clearer who’s been featured in a variety of national and international media, including Channel 10, The Huffington Post, Australian Home Beautiful, Nature & Health Magazine, and local, national and international podcasts, radio, newspapers and magazines.

I live in Brisbane, Australia with my husband, teenage son, and fur babies Elvis and Montie. 

I love wearing clothes that feel delicious to my body and Soul, that externally express my inner joy and truth, that support my continual transformation, and say “I’m different and I’m OK with that”.

I mean, who wrote the rule book that says just ‘cause I’m a channel and medicine woman that I have to wear purple velvet and crystals head to toe?

But if I want to wear that, guess what? I will!

I invite you to explore how we can work together or contact me to start Your Inner Room journey today.

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