A Shamanic Healing is a deeply transformational, powerful and profound experience.

bring you back into energetic alignment, I work with women through this deep soul work to remove emotional blocks at the root cause of their pain and assist healing.

Designed to

- having connected deeply with your intentions throughout the healing - you may feel more aligned, and have greater clarity, focus, peace and connection with your truth, purpose and soul work.

After your Shamanic Healing

mess, chaos, disappointment, exhaustion, stress, overwhelm, lack of self worth or disconnection …

Where before there may have been

But what if 

        No matter what we do

        No matter how hard we try

        No matter who we go to for help

We still feel stuck on the hamster wheel of life, unhappy with who we are and how we show up in our lives.

And no matter what we do, no matter what guidance or guide map we follow, we just can’t seem to shift it!

- by experiencing a Shamanic Healing - you were able to disconnect from your heaviness, your exhaustion, your stress and overwhelm? And in turn, energetically transform your internal and external energy bodies, to step closer to creating the life you desire?

Does that sound nurturing and delicious and oh-so-empowering?

It does to me!

I might be a Shamanic Practitioner but I also have shamanic practitioners on my own healing team, because I know how much of a difference their work has made in my own life. 

This is why I love Shamanic Healings, and most importantly why I’d love to share this sacred transformational healing process with you.

At times we’ve all felt like 

You’ll know a Shamanic Healing is for you gorgeous lady if you feel blocked, overwhelmed, emotionally exhausted, unhappy or like a ship without a rudder lost at sea ... and would prefer to feel a sense of calm, peace, clarity, connection and direction in your life.

It’s transformative. 

It’s soothing, calming and nurturing.

It’s me working with spirit, to see, support, nurture and transform you, so you can step closer to being your awesome self in the world.

It’s you and I diving deeply with what brought you to my door, in a gentle, powerful and profound way, to create healing and transformation in your life.

What’s a Shamanic Healing like?

Lighter, happier, more whole

Like you’ve just had the best massage ever (though there’s no need for me to touch you at all during your healing)

Clearer, more grounded and connected within your physical and energy body

Deeply relaxed and empowered

After your Shamanic Healing you may feel:

Which includes smudging, sound healing, energy clearing, extraction work, soul retrieval, past life healing, power animal retrieval and energetic cord cutting.

In-person clients rest on a massage table as this healing takes place. Expect to hear drums, rattles, wind chimes and other sound tools as well as relaxation music.

Distance clients are invited to go about their day while I do the healing. Your energetic shifts take place while you sleep.

Your Shamanic Healing

This lets spirit know we’re serious about moving through the blocks that brought you to me. We’ll use oracle cards plus I’ll invite in both our spirit teams for intuitive guidance, to start the releasing and healing process.

Mentoring and counselling ON the intentions you’ve set

So we’re both clear on your intention for the healing.

A questionnaire to guide and support THE PROCESS

Shamanic Healings go anywhere from two to four hours so please allow enough time to get the most out of your session.

Included in your Shamanic Healing is:

A private, confidential 1:1 session

A thorough sharing and debrief of what happened during your healing

You’re invited to record this conversation and ask any questions that come up as we sit in this sacred connected space.

Distance clients, I’ll share everything with you the day after your healing.

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Shamanic Healing


S, Brisbane

Everyone needs this, particularly at the moment. Having experienced your shamanic healing first hand (and let’s face it I’m an expert healer hunter) I can honestly say it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. So comprehensive going through family lines, past lives, you name it. I had some big shifts and would recommend it to everyone.

Why do I need to apply for a Shamanic Healing?
This is our way of knowing if I’m the right Shamanic Healer for you. Please share as much detail as possible on your application form so that we’re both know that working together will be a beautiful collaboration for us both.

What’s the difference between an in-person and distance Shamanic Healing?
An in-person Shamanic Healing takes place in my healing space in Brisbane.
For a Distance Shamanic Healing we meet the morning of your healing over Zoom to chat. This call can take an hour or longer. After we hang up I’ll step into the distance healing space to do your healing, and we’ll re-connect the following day, for approximately an hour, for me to share everything I found during the healing.

Can I record my session?
I encourage you to record the audio of our conversation after your healing is complete, to refer to as you need.

How many times do I need to see you?
Once should do it but you're always welcome to come back to see me after you've completed your after care email action steps.

Is there follow up support?
Yes. All clients receive an after care email with support and guidance a day or two after the healing.

Do I need to do anything after the Shamanic Healing?
Yes - rest, hydrate and avoid alcohol and recreational drugs for at least two days. Your after care email also includes action steps to take to embed your healing.