What if you could discover your soul destiny through the vibration of your birth name?

Your Soul Plan - designed to align and transform you from a spiritual perspective - does just that, so you can step into your unique soul purpose and destiny in this lifetime.

Are you ready for that?

We've all felt lost at times.

Where we've been off kilter and had no idea why let alone have any idea which way to turn.

With the curve balls of life coming at us left, right and centre; all fingers and thumbs trying to catch and make sense of them!

And oh how we've judged ourselves in the process!

But what if there was a way to understand it all? A way to settle in to yourself that feels empowering and uplifting and makes total sense to you and your journey so far?

And what if - through discovering your Soul Plan - you could fully understand your worldly and spiritual journey in this lifetime, and use that knowledge to step forward, no matter how many curve balls come your way, with confidence and grace?

I'm guessing that would feel damn fine because it's how I felt when I dove deep with my own Soul Plan. And that's why I'd love to share yours with you.

You’ll know a Soul Plan Reading is for you if you're sick of going around in circles trying to make sense of why you're actually here in this lifetime and know it's time to do something about it.


A private 1:1 session with me over Zoom, where we'll dive deeply with your Soul Plan through your unique Star of Creation, the Worldly and Spiritual aspects of your chart, and your Soul Destiny.
            Readings go for 60 - 90 minutes so please allow enough time to get the most out of your session.

Recommendations and suggestions on how to make the most of your Soul Plan from a practical perspective, to help you overcome your challenges, connect deeply with your talents and achieve your goals.

A beautiful Grace Healing at the end of your Reading, to realign you with your soul purpose.
             Everyone I've shared this with loves it! Please be somewhere comfortable and quiet as we share this experience together.

An audio recording of our session.

A PDF of your Soul Plan with your Star of Creation, its energetic vibration and a summary of what I shared with you during our time together.

It’s intimate. 
It’s connected. 
It’s me sharing your unique Soul Plan with you, so you can transform and step into alignment with your soul purpose. 
It’s you and I connecting 1:1 no matter where you live in the world, to make sense of your unique challenges, talents and goals, and gain a deeper understanding of what makes you you! 

What’s a Soul Plan Reading like?

in the ancient text of the Sefir Yetzirah. In the second half of the 20th century the Star of Creation Gematria method was channelled by the visionary Frank Alper, which forms the foundation of this work. In its present format Blue Marsden, founder of the Holistic Healing College in the UK, has extended on the original, adding new interpretations, affirmations, and elements of numerology as well as additional material.

Soul Plan has its roots



Soul Plan Reading


"Helen’s Soul Plan reading for me was intriguing, affirming and illuminating.

Having worked with Helen before I didn’t hesitate to book in for a reading despite being unfamiliar with the Soul Plan process. I am so grateful for her guidance leading me, her intuitive interpretation of my chart, and the clarity she helped me gain from it all. As always Helen left me feeling inspired and empowered."

Prior to the reading I’d been feeling a little lost. The Soul Plan reading was illuminating, eye-opening and very impactful. The reading combined with Helen’s deep intuition and spiritual guidance has given me lots to think about.

Now after the reading and experiencing Helen’s kindness, understanding, compassion, and incredible intuitive wisdom, I have greater clarity and feel excited by and for my future.”

"When I heard from Helen about Soul Plan Readings, I was intrigued and very interested, but unsure what to expect.

I thought doing the Soul Plan might give me a little nudge in the right direction... What an under-estimation!

My reading was able to weave together all the disjointed thoughts and ideas I'd been having (forever maybe) into the most beautiful guidance. It's given me the confidence and vision to move in the direction of my heart, not just my head.

I was going through a phase in my life - particularly with my work - where I felt there was change on the horizon but had no idea what my next step was. 

vari mckechnie, coach and mentor
melbourne, australia

All those seemingly random ideas in my head make so much more sense now.

It feels so comforting and supportive to know that I can follow my heart and truly feel like I'll be energetically supported to do so!

Thank you for your gifts - you've reignited my life!

Helen - sooooo many moments of clarity since our Soul Plan session earlier this week!


"Thank you so very much for the opportunity to do a Soul Plan Reading with you.

It has certainly given me a lot to think about over the past few days that's for sure.

I even mentioned it to someone that leadership and training was one of the things that stood out for me in the reading. Their reply was that - they had seen that I am holding myself back form being the leader I was born to be as well..... so the universe is defiantly starting to tell me things - now I just need to listen and act - LOL.

I truly appreciate the opportunity to have done this with you. I am grateful for you, your knowledge & skills in this area.