Are you ready for that?

It’s a deeply intuitive, spiritual ceremony that invites Spirit to energetically clear, ground and activate the intentions you dream of receiving in your home and life.
This is powerful spiritual work for women who are fully invested in their life and home and are ready for the transformation to begin, with Spirit’s and my help.

Space Clearing is not just waving a smudge stick around and hoping for the best. 

Space Clearing energetically declutters your external spaces.

This, in turn, supports your inner journey, when it’s time to:

Reclaim balance, peace and harmony in your home, business and / or life

Achieve your goals and intentions through greater connection with the spaces you spend your time

Shift the energy in your home or business, to support and nurture you and those around you

Attract the ideal partner, client, customer and / or staff into your life or business

Sell or buy a home or investment property.

You’ll know a bespoke Space Clearing is for you if you’ve tried pretty much everything else to create the shift you want and you’re still not getting anywhere with the intentions you set.

It’s intimate. 
It’s connected. 
It’s me fully seeing you and the intentional transformation you’re envisioning for your life.
It’s you and I working together, no matter where you live in the world, to energetically create a home or business you want and need in your life right now.

What’s a bespoke Space Clearing like?

Once we’ve travelled our journey together and your bespoke Space Clearing is finished, you’ll receive:

Photos and video of your beautiful Space Clearing altar

An audio file of my findings, after your Space Clearing is finished

The luminosity of your property, before and after the Clearing

Two weeks post-Clearing support

on pause

investment starts
from AUD$500

Space Clearing



E, Brisbane

Hi Helen, I can see clearly now the ghosts have gone… 

Walking into my home this afternoon, my first feeling was one of relief. Then I went into The Study – formerly the gateway to another planet – and the feeling was ‘warmth’ and ‘cocoon’ and ‘comfort’. I woke up this morning, and looked in the mirror, and was a little surprised – I thought I looked different somehow. Or, something has shifted enough somewhere for me to perceive myself differently.

Thank you so much Helen for helping me along my spiritual journey to clarity, for dealing with my ghosties, and for the amazing job you’ve done on both my houses now.

You truly have a gift.

I engaged Helen to complete a Space Clearing on our store which had been hiding under a cloud of grief for a few years after the unexpected passing of my husband and co-owner of the business.

We were also slowly emerging from a devastating three year drought which had effected our rural based customers and ultimately our business. I had already made plans to reconfigure our showroom and interestingly the Space Clearing bought this idea up and suggested that it would make a massive impact…..and it has! Our business has enjoyed a complete turnaround during 2020 and I can honestly say our team have a renewed spring in their step.
At the beginning of 2020 I also had the pleasure of moving into a brand new home which we had spent the previous year or so building (a gift from my husband). Even with the house being brand new, something told me that I needed to have Helen work her magic and clear this space. My three young children and I had been living together in a very small cottage for nearly two years and so the transition into a new (much larger) home was both exciting and daunting. Again Helen worked her magic on our house and it continues to become our home and place of sanctuary. I’m most excited to say that the kids are all but sleeping in their own bedrooms which has been a massive transition from all sleeping in my room for the previous 2.5 years!!
And finally being a co-owner in another business, the devastation of Covid provided us with a unique and very unplanned opportunity of a full closure and renovation of the place of business. This was a major task of months of work, with multiple owners, multiple tradesman, different ideas and then the task of employing new staff. Helen’s Clearing on this very old structure and site uncovered some very low energy levels which after some attention from Helen has increased dramatically. We’ve been able to employ some wonderful new staff and the business is thriving.
I believe Helen’s work has helped enormously in my life throughout 2020 and I am already looking forward to touching base and revisiting these spaces with Helen during 2021 for a refresher!

R, Australia

Kathy Damas,
Master Certified Health Coach, USA

I highly recommend Helen’s Space Clearing for anyone who’s feeling stuck or stagnant and wondering if anything can be done.

It can! I’m very grateful to Helen for the insights about my office space and for helping me to feel so much more at home here now.

I jumped at the chance for a Space Clearing with Helen.

The process was easy and straightforward. Having sent in a hand drawn room plan and the intentions for my study, Helen set to work. She sent across a beautiful recording and photographs of the process, including the altar created for the work, her observations and insights, and advice for things to implement going forward.

Listening to the recording the first time made me weep, it was spot on! Writing this three days on, my study feels like a very different space. The furniture has been moved according to Helen’s recommendations, and having removed the clutter it is now light and airy.

Most importantly, the ‘stuckness’ I had previously felt has shifted: I’ve caught up with several months’ backlog of emails in two days (yet it did not feel like a huge task), and seem to be able to concentrate better for longer. Can’t wait to see how this unfolds over the coming weeks and months.

I’m delighted with the Space Clearing, and would say to anyone thinking about having one done with Helen to just go for it!

CJ, United Kingdom

K, Brisbane

Space Clearing definitely works.

I had 29 groups through my house on the first inspection day (about 100 people!) and a good contract offer!

Needless to say my home feels and looks amazing!