Your Inner Room Lite is an intimate online immersion gifting you an opportunity to trust, release, transform,
and have a little fun along the way!

Your Inner Room is an energetic room that lives deep inside you, where you store your emotional, spiritual and energetic clutter. 

Even though Your Inner Room is inside you, it’s located on a plane of existence that encompasses all of you, all of your lives, on all timelines and across all dimensions.

It’s inside this energetic room where all of your healing happens. You just didn’t know it until now!


It's time to strip away another layer, m'lady.
To look at what's ready to be released and transformed in your life, with wisdom, grace and bucketloads of love.

Step out of your busy day into a safe space where you can connect deeply with your true self
     Don't know who she is? Let's go find her together!

Connect with other women on the same journey as you
     Not sure what that journey is? Allow us to walk beside you, as a guide and friend.

Discover how listening to your heart and her sweet whisperings can guide you forward
     Never done that before? It's OK, I'll show you how.

Dream in a new life by actively trusting, releasing and transforming the crap out of what's holding you back
     Scared to death about that? I hear you, but I also know you're stronger than you know.

Through Your Inner Room Lite you will:


Step out of the shallows, jump
into the deep end and light up
Your Inner Room together!

You'd like to explore what energetically decluttering Your Inner Room looks like, even though right now you're not actually sure what that even means

You want to bring a little (or a lot!) of sacred back into your life

You're ready to go all in, to trust yourself and your Spirit team

It's time to burn away and release some of what’s kept or keeping you stuck in the ho-hum routine of life and begin to move forward again with purpose and passion

You're ready to start or continue the process of transformation but have no idea what that looks like or how to even begin

Your Inner Room Lite is for you if:

You believe what everyone "says" you are - too sensitive / weird / crazy / making up all the things you see / sense / feel

You're happy to continue on your merry way placing everyone else's life / dreams / desires ahead of your own

You're not ready to face yourself head on OR drop the excuses of why you can't transform your life

You have no interest in connecting with the unseen Spirit realms or using esoteric tools including crystals to help you get there

your inner room lite is probably not for you if

 The first Your Inner Room Lite cycle is held during Aries // Fire and Taurus // Earth season; the second during Libra // Air season.

Your Inner Room Lite has been specifically designed with these elements in mind so participants can release and ground the transformation they experience during our time together. 

In Your Inner Room Lite we work with different elements, depending on which Cycle you join.

There are four elements in nature - Air, Fire, Earth, Water.

We begin Your Inner Room Lite with our Welcome event.

we dive straight into the deep end with our Day 1 theme of Trust, continuing our journey with our chosen element. You’ll connect with your Self and your Guides, and shed barriers, blocks and / or challenges currently holding you back.

The following morning

Held the evening before Day 1, this is an opportunity for us all to gather in Circle online,
to connect, laugh, have fun and set intentions for the experience ahead.
The element we’re working with today is Fire in Cycle 1 and Earth in Cycle 2.

Held nearly two weeks after Day 3, our Closing Ceremony gathers us in Circle once more, bringing our collective Your Inner Room Lite journey to a close.
At this Ceremony we’ll reconnect with the intentions set at our Welcome event, recalibrate as needed, and invite in the elements to anchor our learnings and support us moving forward.

Closing Ceremony

After Day 3, and before our Closing Ceremony, we meet privately for one hour to see how you’re travelling. This gives us both an opportunity to dive more deeply with your unique experience and for me to share specific strategies to help you on Your Inner Room journey. Depending on when you schedule your 1:1 you’ll be working with the element of Fire, Earth or Air.

Private 1:1 Experience

I’ll hold you close as we dive in with our final theme - Transform. The elements continue to support you to create the momentum you desire plus we’ll connect with the concept of passion to help you get there.

On Day 3

sees us settle into the theme of Release, along with our supporting element. You're guided to discover what you need to release right now and, in turn, do just that. Today includes embodiment and energy work, and deep healing.

Day 2


Libra Cycle


Aries / Taurus Cycle

There are two Your Inner Room Lite cycles in 2022. 

Amy Taylor-Kabbaz,
Editor and Creator of Happy Mama Magazine

Helen is that rare combination of practical and spiritual. 

She brings together the knowledge of how to get the space you’re in more aligned and organised, along with the insight into what might be going on inside too. I love her approach to it all – and have not only seen how it has helped so many of the women I work with but in my own life too.