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November 25, 2022

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Hi! I'm Helen

Years ago at a conference, as a newbie in business, a woman told me that every day I should do the thing that’s “one step from the revenue line”.

Meaning: every day I need to show up in my business and do the thing that brings in money.

I totally get it – money makes the world go ’round and all that. And yes it’s great advice. I mean I still remember it to this day so it must have done me some good, right?

But unfortunately what this piece of advice did was make me push.

  • Push to put out new offerings
  • Push to market my wares
  • Push to start / finish writing the ebook / course / workshop I was selling
  • Push to show up and sit in from of my computer in the hope that inspiration from above would hit me like lightning


And you know what all that pushing did?

  • It made me feel less than when my offerings fell flat
  • It made me feel disconnected from why I started my business in the first place
  • It made me show up in my business from a ‘doing’ space

And more deeply, I felt abandoned, because my heart was ‘doing’ what Spirit asked of me and the ‘real’ world wasn’t interested.

Soul destroying much?

And yet, in and amongst it all, there were massive learnings.

  • I learnt that my nervous system was not made to show up every day from a place of doing or pushing
  • I learnt that I needed rest, deep deep rest, to care for myself and bring my energy system back into balance
  • I learnt the kind of people I wanted and needed to surround myself with
  • I learnt that connection with Spirit was important, and in turn had the ability to turn my life around

Deep truths, deep learnings, would only come if I took time away from the all the doing – knowing and trusting deeply that Spirit had my back and always would, even in regards to that revenue line that’s so deeply ingrained in our world.

It’s only when women in particular – though a huge shout out to the men reading this, and the beautiful men in your life helping to shift the paradigm as well – say

“No more. This old way of being doesn’t work for me at all. Connection with my inner truth, my inner wisdom is my only way forward. To create that connection, I need to {insert whatever it is you need to do here!}.”

What does that look like for me?

  • Not letting anyone else drive my bus
  • Deeply knowing that I’m the one in charge of my one beautiful life
  • Truthfully owning the fact that I know myself better than anyone else on this planet

These are just three themes, three beliefs I bust in the book I’ve been writing this year. And who knows? Maybe, just maybe the book will send that revenue line off into the stratosphere BUT that’s not my purpose for writing it. My purpose in writing it is to heal myself and, in turn, perhaps heal you a little too.

The (working) title of that book?

Stop Being A Healer Hunter

With deep love to you on your journey,

Helen xx

Helen Joy Butler - Spiritual Mentor, Soul Plan Practitioner, Space Clearer and Shamanic Healer

PS To help with this connection to my inner wisdom I’m focusing on joy, ease and fun. You can listen to what that currently looks like in this episode of the Trust and Transform podcast.

What is it you need right now?

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