Your Greatest Spiritual Lesson

December 2, 2022

Intuitive Coach, Space Clearer, Podcast Hostess and Fashion Lover! Let’s dive into the deep and heal Your Inner Room together!

Hi! I'm Helen

“Your greatest spiritual lesson is right in front of you.”

Wise words shared with me by one of the healers on my healing team.

She’s new, this healer; recommended to me by another healer on my team, and to say I’m in love with the process (in a professional sense!) is an understatement.

I contacted this new healer to work on two things – anxiety and a close relationship. 

Both separate issues yet entirely linked at the hip. 

Both impacted by and inextricably connected to other parts of my life, which may at first glance appear entirely separate to the two reasons that brought me to her door – but we both know otherwise don’t we?

We’ve had three sessions, this new healer and I. We’ve had to stop for now because of our own client appointments, personal travel and those ever looming Christmas commitments. And yet I’ve learnt so much in those three sessions; skills which have gifted me practical ways to approach entrenched behaviours, and simple, effective, life changing strategies to ease my overwhelm, anxiety, stress as my roller coaster of life continues.

And to be honest I feel the roller coaster will continue well into next year – March to be precise. I don’t know why, it’s just what I feel, what my guides are sharing with me, and what I’m sensing to be true.

But like all roller coasters (which you’ll never see me on btw!) the ride will be smooth, jolty, with some serious highs and equally serious lows; with screaming and fear and wtf and surrender. At times my stomach will lurch high above me while my physical body attempts to bring my entire being down to earth. It won’t be easy, and to be honest as much as it all sounds super scary and super uncomfortable I know I have to hold on for the long haul … because, well, March.

And so it’s the words my beautiful healer shared with me at our very first meeting – those words at the very top of this blog – that will, in part, support the process, the path, the journey, my family and I need to walk, until we eventually arrive on the other side, at some stage, in our own timing, thanking spirit that this particular ride is over.

Until of course, a new ride, a new journey, a new ‘opportunity’ for growth arrives.

And so today I ask you –

What spiritual lesson is right in front of you, looming over you like a dark veil, invading your every waking hour – and perhaps your dream time – (if so I’m there with you!), inviting you to connect with it, to learn from it; to shift, transform, encourage you to step into the next version of you?

Perhaps your spiritual lesson isn’t as big as mine is right now and you know what? That’s totally fine. Because the transformation those little lessons bring to your door are just as effective and just as powerful as the big ones.

So let’s go slay them together shall we?

With deep love to you on your journey,

Helen xx

Helen Joy Butler - Spiritual Mentor, Soul Plan Practitioner, Space Clearer and Shamanic Healer

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