Those who are ready to dive deeply into their own personal transformation and re / connect with their spiritual gifts.


Those who are ready to release what’s keeping them stuck in life and / or business and, in turn, create a deep relationship with their Spirit team that supports them to move forward with ease, grace and clarity.



Hell no!

Do you have to be both of these?

You’re in the right place.

Not owning your intuitive, spiritual, psychic gifts and abilities

Because you see, hear, feel, connect with energies and vibrations those around you don't

But they tell you it’s all in your head / you’re too sensitive / you're making it all up

AND you’re ready to stop playing in the shallows and jump in the deep end, to create the practical and spiritually fulfilling life you deserve

Then hello and welcome.

It's lovely to meet you.

But if you've had enough of

Intuitive Mentoring is an opportunity for you to explore Your Inner Room by:

Meeting me where you’re at (I know you’ve tried more than a few things already, m’lady!) and stepping forward together from a place of awareness

Creating intentions that burn through old beliefs and initiate healing and transformation

Releasing ideas, beliefs and ways of living that no longer serve, suit or support you and your soul’s journey

Creating action to begin energetically decluttering Your Inner Room.

With me by your side you'll learn how to

Make friends with your inner Healer Hunter

Dissolve old spiritual beliefs or methodologies that someone else told you were right for you but are really keeping you stuck

Connect with and implement strategies and practices that actually help you to become more of you, and release the rest

Combine the practical and spiritual in your life in a way that best suits you and your lifestyle

No longer water down your truth; to back yourself when no-one else does

Slow down, create space for the sacred, and allow the transformation to hold and carry you

For all my years on the spiritual hamster wheel I can tell you there isn't a one size fits all approach to the practical / spiritual combo you're searching for.

I'm not going to share a five step approach with you, or ask you to watch videos of me telling you what to do and expect you to undertake your transformation on your own, or leave you in the lurch when the going gets tough!

I'm in the deep end with you on your journey - together we've got this!

This work isn't for the faint hearted, but it's SO worth it!

Monday to Friday support via the Marco Polo or Voxer app (your choice).


We close our time with a Space Clearing on your home or Shamanic Healing, whichever you'd prefer.

After our three months together

We dive deep into the mentoring space for three months, with weekly one-hour Zoom calls.

After your SOUL PLAN Reading

Already had one? You get to choose to take the cost of your reading off your
Intuitive Mentoring investment, or have an oracle card reading instead.

Your Intuitive Mentoring journey starts
with a Soul Plan Reading.

I do this work.

And because it's so much more fun AND just a little bit easier when you have someone to share the journey with!

This is why

It took me forever to trust myself and my spirit team

That to release the judgements I had of myself - most of which were planted by other people but whose seeds I'd allowed to flourish and bloom - I needed to lean in to that trust more than ever

And that once I did I made friends with my Healer Hunter, the door to my Inner Room opened up, and I fell in love with my self and my life.

All I know is ...

You’ve done all the things but you’re still not where you want to be

The transformation you desire - both spiritual and practical - seems to be just out of reach

You’ve had enough of hanging out in the shallows and are ready to jump in the deep end

You’re ready to be met where you’re at, to take what you already know and start to do things differently

It’s time to hang out in a safe, fun, transformative and joyful 1:1 experience with moi!

You’ll know this 3 month private mentoring is for you if:

on pause

Intuitive Mentoring

Total cost // Pay in full or monthly at no extra cost

Kristina Cornelius

Helen is a speaker, facilitator and mentor with a difference, who will guide you to your own inner sanctuary, whatever your beliefs.

Amy Taylor-Kabbaz,
Editor and Creator of Happy Mama Magazine

Helen is that rare combination of practical and spiritual. 

She brings together the knowledge of how to get the space you’re in more aligned and organised, along with the insight into what might be going on inside too. I love her approach to it all – and have not only seen how it has helped so many of the women I work with but in my own life too.

Birgit Pemberton, New Zealand

Helen, you do an amazing job and the combination of Coaching and Space Clearing is absolutely fantastic!!! 

I already have stuff moving and happening.