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February 25, 2022

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Hi! I'm Helen

Gorgeous one,

My vibration for the year (as opposed to a word for the year – you know how I feel about that!) is a question I plan – and hope! – to ask myself each and every day.

“Am I in flow?”

The problem is that flow is the furtherest feeling from my body and mind right now. 

{My soul? Totally different story!}

That didn’t last long, did it? I mean, we’re all of eight weeks into 2022 and I’ve felt in flow maybe what, once or twice?

I know that’s not true. I know I’ve been in flow more than that, but right now I don’t feel in flow.

See the difference?

Been = consciously recognising with hindsight that I’d been in flow but was unconscious (aka totally oblivious!) to it at the time.

Feeling = consciously sitting with flow in the present, to see if it’s a part of me in that moment – or not – and if need be doing something about it!

What’s knocked me off my flow-dar (my take on ‘radar’ from a ‘flow’ perspective!) these past few weeks?

  • I’m tired. Super tired. 

Some of this is practical and in the form of our gorgeous new kitten Montie who insists on sleeping with me (I’m using the word ‘sleep’ very loosely here – her purring is off the charts loud in the wee hours!) + waking me up well before the birds have even started their morning call! 

I also helped my niece move home a few weekends ago and have been doing the usual mum thing with Mr 16 (Government directed / Covid delayed school start, stacks of mum-taxi stuff, ‘encouraging’ Mr 16 to get his drivers licence so I have a son-taxi!). 

I know the political / social environment we’re currently living in is definitely impacting my sleep / exhaustion levels as well so I’m diving deeply into my Sanctuary toolkit to support my nervous system and my sensitive, empath nature. 

  • I’m back in the void and ascending at the same time. 

What does that mean? 

The void – which I’m being asked to say is a place for “deep rest for the soul” – has me sitting in a place of uncertainty, not knowing which way to go or how to move forward (even sideways or backwards would feel like something right?!) at the same time as my psychic operating system getting a massive upgrade. Link back to tired, super tired and it all starts to make sense.

I’m still focusing on flow though because even while I’m in the void I can still connect with it. Even in the deepest of waters or fastest moving currents there’s flow right? It’s just a different kind of flow.

  • I want things I don’t currently have

A house on the hill with a view of the ocean. A body that feels rested and energised. A change of routine that shifts me out of stuckness. Changes in close relationships that nurture us all. A thriving business. A connected, loving and supportive community.

The reality is that I have some of these already but I remember a quote I saw on Instagram earlier this week by Byron Katie which said

“How do I know that I don’t need what I want? I don’t have it.”

That says it all don’t you think?

As I sit with this concept of flow and the hot / cold relationship I have with it atm I’m reminded of words of wisdom I placed on my passion board last year – The Cycles That Sustain Us.

Where I’m at right now? It’s all part of the cycle.

I’ve learnt a lot about flow over the years, and what I know for certain is that flow’s something that happens when we stop

  • Putting everyone else’s needs ahead of our own
  • Trusting and implementing someone else’s thoughts / ideas / opinions of how we should show up / be / work / spend our day
  • Listening to all the noise – on the news, online, in magazines, whatever your media of choice is – especially the noise that doesn’t resonate

… and go inward to burn away the sh*t we’ve so expertly convinced ourselves is our truth.

I’m not talking navel gazing here m’lady!

I’m talking deep inner wisdom. Deep spiritual growth. Deep connection with your truth, your path, your life, your version of flow through serious energetic decluttering (and practical decluttering ’cause that always helps too!).

So what will you get rid of today that will help you re/connect with your version of flow? 

  • Maybe it’s the busy
  • Maybe it’s the pile of clothes on the floor
  • Maybe it’s the paperwork on your desk
  • Maybe it’s the frenemy who treats you like dirt
  • Maybe it’s the old story from long ago
  • Maybe it’s the email subscriptions that keep cluttering up your inbox
  • Maybe it’s the future story you’re telling yourself, to stop your awesomeness from shining through (aka fear)

Maybe ….

Small, big, in between action. It doesn’t matter what size the thing is you need to get rid of, to step closer to being your own healer, trusting your inner wisdom and becoming your own version of flow. You just have to start! 

And then keep at it, no matter how small / big / in between action you need to take, each and every day. Because a 1 degree change in your thinking, behaviour, thoughts, actions makes a massive difference over time.

And know that I’m right there with you. Sure I may have traversed a few more pot holes on this spiritual journey than you (though I know for sure you’ve traversed a lot!) but there are two things I can guarantee.

  1. The pot holes we’ve hit along the way have taught us a lot!
  2. The pot holes we’ve hit may have be different but in and amongst them there are so many similarities it’s ridiculous!

So “Am I in flow?”. If that’s a question you’re ready to ask yourself, to help you step closer to energetically decluttering Your Inner Room, reach out – you know where I am.

With deep love to you on your journey,

Helen xx

Helen Joy Butler - Intuitive Coach and Space Clearer

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