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March 18, 2022

Intuitive Coach, Space Clearer, Podcast Hostess and Fashion Lover! Let’s dive into the deep and heal Your Inner Room together!

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Before we dive in, I’d like to talk about why settling in with Your Inner Room and ‘doing the work’ is important right now, in and amongst what’s going on on the global stage. 

In my part of the world we’ve had life altering floods, and internationally our collective hearts have gone out to Ukraine in its time of need. With all of that you may feel that focusing on yourself and what it is you need right now may be flippant, avoidant or self indulgent. 

If that’s you please let me assure you that it’s not. It’s when we feel centred, grounded and in flow in our own energy body that we’re able to help others fully in and amongst our sensitivities. I know when my sensitivities are peaked (but as you know I prefer to say ‘awareness’) my adrenals are working overtime, I can’t focus on anything well at all, and little things other people do get to me big time. 

By settling in with my Inner Room, and doing many of the Sanctuary practices I’ve spoken about for years (check out the Musings on Sanctuary and Spirituality podcast if that resonates) I’ve listened to my own soul, my own truth, my own energetic makeup and given it what it needs. From there I’m in a much better place to give to others in a way that feels right to me.

So please, if you’re feeling wobbly, helpless, uncertain, out of flow (which I have been the past month or so too – the blog I shared recently titled My Flow-Dar’s Been Off talks more about that!) please know that this work – this Your Inner Room work – is here to guide you at times like these. Like a rudder on a boat it helps keep you on course, if you hold on tight and allow it.

You may know that when I first started in business, after leaving teaching and the education space, I was a Professional Organiser. There are no coincidences here! With hindsight and wisdom I can see exactly why I started that business and how it’s led me to where I am now.

When we think of Space we often think of our homes – and in turn how cluttered, disorganised, or various degrees in between it is. Even I can walk to certain spaces in my home – my linen press, the cupboard in my office – and think “man this needs some love!”.

But to me space is more than the home we live in. 

  • It’s everywhere we spend our time. 
  • It’s the people we spend our time with, and on. 
  • It’s our relationship with Mother Earth, the way we spend our money, how we treat ourselves in any given moment of the day. 
  • It’s our connection with beauty and what that means to and for us. 
  • It’s the energetic vibration of the office or workspace we spend our time.
  • It’s the clothes we wear, how we hold and express ourselves in and with them.
  • It’s the words we say out loud to our partner, to the TV, under our breath; as well as those we say in our mind, in our private moments.

Space is much more than the four walls we live in, and yet our homes – the space we spend so much of our time – plays a massive part in every single one of these I’ve just shared, and more. 

Because if we don’t surround ourselves with beauty, in a Space – our home – where we should feel held and supported, then what’s the point? 

Life’s hard enough as it is. Why treat your home and the domino effect of your behaviours and reactions like they don’t matter? They do – big time!

There are many many many reasons why our homes aren’t how we want, wish or need them to be. Some of the reasons (in this non-exhaustive list!) include

  • Budget
  • Grief
  • Shame
  • Abuse
  • Depression
  • Fear
  • Entrenched behaviours
  • Hoarding, or hoarding tendencies
  • Being a collector / having collections
  • Other people (family, flat mates)
  • Lack of worthiness

Please don’t judge yourself at this stage. We all have one or more of these, or some variation of them, me included. But that’s why we’re here doing this Your Inner Room work. To energetically declutter what’s holding us back – and what better space to start than the space we see every single day?

When I first moved to working under my own name, Helen Joy Butler, I created the tagline Your Home, Your Heart, Your Sanctuary. I wasn’t 100% sure of it at the time but went with it anyway and man didn’t it guide me! Because you see from these three concepts – Home, Heart, Sanctuary – we can see exactly what it means to respect, connect with and create Sanctuary in our home and any space we spend our time, through the beautiful infinity symbol. 

If we take Home and place it on one side of the infinity symbol, and take Heart and place it on the other side, we see the energetic flow between the two. And in the middle where the infinity symbol joins? That’s where Sanctuary lives – in all the spaces you occupy – if you allow that flow to not get clogged in any way.

And clutter and disorganisation in your home will create blocks in that system!

If we return to that cycle I shared with you last time, The Cycle That Sustains the Journey Back to Self – Connect – Invite – Allow – Recognise – Arrive – we can also apply that to creating sacred space in our homes, workplaces, healing rooms – any physical space we spend our time (yes, even your car!).

So how can you use this cycle to support you in your Space, to step closer to energetically decluttering Your Inner Room? That’s the question I’d like you to sit with today.

In essence, ask yourself

  • What does connecting with my home look and feel like today?
  • What do I need to invite into this space? How can I do that?
  • What if I allowed this to be easy? How would it feel if I allowed this space to support me?
  • How will I recognise when I’ve arrived at my destination? What does it look and feel like?

There are many more questions you can ask yourself but hopefully these will get you started!

Before we wrap up I’d like to share a short story with you.

As you heard at the top of this blog, we’ve recently had a record breaking rain event that’s led to devastating wide spread floods. They’ve left many people displaced, having lost everything – in some cases, again, after experiencing the 2011 floods – with more rain downstream from the dam system this time around. 

Our home, thankfully, wasn’t impacted and held us safely over the three days of torrential rain. 

Each day when I woke up, and many times in between, I thanked my beautiful home for keeping us safe, for holding us close while this natural disaster took its course. 

I know in part this might sound ridiculous. But as a Space Clearer and energy worker my home and I have a very special relationship. One day I know it will be time to hand her over to her next custodian, something both of us will be ready for at the time, but in the meantime her vibration is my vibration.  By loving her, caring for her, showing her the love and care I gift myself in return, I’m telling the Universe that we both deserve to be held safe and secure.

That’s how powerful this Your Inner Room work can be. 

It will hold you safely and securely when you feel no one or nothing else in your life is. 

So why not ask and expect your home (and any external space you spend your time) to support you in the same way? 

The journey starts with you, as you begin to look at your home through different eyes – all the while, in the background and often unbeknownst to you, energetically decluttering Your Inner Room.

Just some food for thought today!

In the meantime, if you’re interested in weaving together the concept of Your Inner Room with the elements of Fire and Earth, then you may like to join us in Your Inner Room Lite. This group experience is an opportunity to trust, release, transform, and have a little fun along the way! 

There are two cycles of Your Inner Room Lite running in 2022 – the Aries / Taurus Cycle from April 7, and the Leo / Virgo Cycle from August 11. For more information and to apply just visit here.

So, if connecting with Self is the first element of Your Inner Room journey, and Space is the second, what’s the third and final element? I look forward to sharing that with you next time we meet.

With deep love to you on your journey,

Helen xx

Helen Joy Butler - Intuitive Coach and Space Clearer

What is it you need right now?

Explore our journey together // settle in with the podcast here.

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