The Trinity of the Three S’s

April 29, 2022

Intuitive Coach, Space Clearer, Podcast Hostess and Fashion Lover! Let’s dive into the deep and heal Your Inner Room together!

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What are the three S’s? And what the hell do I mean by the trinity of the three?

The past few months I’ve been sharing downloads and inspiration with you, from my spirit team, about Your Inner Room. It may all feel a little academic at the moment but my hope is that what I’m sharing is landing – and that it’s given you time to pause, consider, and apply some of the learnings in your own life.

In The Source of it all I said

“One thing I know for sure is that the connection between the three elements of Self, Space and Source is so intertwined on the Your Inner Room journey that if one shrivels, looses lustre, or lacks direction, all the others are affected as well.”

So what does that actually mean?

It means that it’s our job to move between the three – Self, Space and Source – on a regular basis, and sit with questions like:

  • Am I fully connected to my Self? What is it I need right now? How am I feeling on the inside and am I seeing that replicated on the outside? What do I need to shift, change, connect with so that I feel whole in my Self? What action can I take to create the shift / change I want and need? Do I need help and if so who can support me on my Self journey?
  • How is my Space supporting me? Is my Space exactly how I want it? If not, what changes can I make to help shift the energy, to rocket forward? If so, what changes can I make to help shift the energy, to rocket forward even more? Do I need to call in a professional to help me create the Space I so desperately want / need? Do I need to spend time in other Spaces inside or outside my home? What are they? What benefit might I receive by spending time in those spaces?
  • Who is my Source? What is my Source? What does connecting with my Source look / feel like? What does Source mean to me? How can I deepen my connection with Source? Is Source inside or outside of me? Is there any difference, or does the internal / external vibration of Source show up in different ways? How can I create a connection between my internal and external Source that supports me no matter how I’m feeling in my Self or Space?

In The Source of it all I shared this image with you, to show the connection between the three.

The Source of it all - Self Space Source venn diagram - Helen Joy Butler, Your Inner Room

But another way of looking at this connection is 

This is the trinity of the three.

  • Self is on the bottom left – left representing receiving; the internal; the feminine; your inner world.
  • Space is on the bottom right – right representing expression; the external; the masculine; your external world.

Together they ground your connection to 

  • Source at the top – the peak of the triangle; your connection to Source; channelling your unique purpose, inspiration and wisdom into the world and grounding it in Self and Space.

Simple right?

If I reflect on my life right now I know that part of this trinity is out of flow. 

  • Maybe it’s because it’s eclipse season. 
  • Maybe it’s because I’m a Scorpio and there’s lots of change for us over the next 18 months or so.
  • Maybe it’s because of my age, my family’s dynamics, the work I do in the world. 
  • Maybe it’s just time for another shake up in my life!

It actually doesn’t matter why, mostly because if I think about it too much I’ll get stuck in my head and drive myself crazy!

What matters is that I’m aware of the wonkiness, the out-of-flow’ness of the triangle, and the slight disconnection between the three.

{’Slight’ being an important word here, and chosen with intention because I know the connection in my life isn’t broken. It’s just a little wobbly and out of sync and it’s my job to do something about it.}

This brings me back to what I shared earlier – that if one of the three – Self, Space or Source – shrivels, looses lustre or lacks direction, all the others are affected as well.

So what’s a girl to do about it? 

  • She goes back to the questions I shared earlier.
  • She works through them gently and consciously.
  • And she begins to craft and create the change she’s looking for.

So instead of waiting for a Knight or Queen in Shining Armour to come save the day, she gets off her butt and actively brings about the life she wants!

So what does “work” mean in this context?

It can mean anything from journalling to training for a marathon. From surrendering to having the difficult conversations that will lighten your load. It could be getting up at dawn to do yoga, meditate or go for a walk, or taking time to curl up with a book and ignore the world. It can mean ugly crying in the shower or taking a class or seeing a counsellor. Or a gazillion other things depending on what lights you up, where you are right now and what capacity you have to transform your life. ‘Cause this sh*t take effort m’lady!

Only you know what “work” means for you. And only you know how much work you need to put in to get there. 

But for me, over the coming weeks (and I expect all of May knowing my schedule!) “work” means focusing on two areas – Self, with the domino effect of my connection to my Source strengthening. 

On a practical level that looks like 

  • Taking time away from everyone and everything else, where I can, on a daily / weekly basis
  • Attending workshops and going on retreat (at the end of May #squee)
  • Doing something daily that bring me joy, including working with my hands (hello new shamanic drum bag and drum rattle beater waiting to be birthed!) and 
  • Hanging out with people I really really like. Those people whose eyes light up when they see me and vice versa. 

This is what will strengthen my connection to Self and Source, and help me see things from a new perspective. Because there always is a new perspective right? I just need to surrender, release and go find it at the same time (contradiction much??).

There’s a lot here to sit with – it’s a big one, this trinity. So just take a moment, pause, breathe, and let it all settle. In time you’ll come to recognise which ones need strengthening, to allow your connection to be grounded and strong. But hey, we’re on the journey together so if you need help just reach out.

Next time we’ll be spiralling back to a concept I shared with you in The Cycle That Sustains Your Journey Back To Self – that of the Healer Hunter.

With deep love to you on your journey,

Helen xx

Helen Joy Butler - Intuitive Coach and Space Clearer

What is it you need right now?

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